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The American Sportsfishing Association of America reported that the 45 Billion USD were generated in the recreational fishing industry in 2017, of which 6 Billion USD was from the purchase of lures and associated tackle. The two thirds of the purchased lures and associated tackle were for freshwater fishing resulting in around 2 Billion USD spent on saltwater lures and associated tackle, which is where our market lies. Dependent on desired species, trolling lures can cost between $5 USD to $150 USD, however the corner of the market that we are targeting is more like to buy a lure costing over 35 USD. 

Why the ACCOUNTANT ??? Every year thousands of fishermen lose their hard earned catch to SHARKS .... who by the industry have affectionately been named THE TAXMAN.....   Not only are the fishermen denied their catch which they may have spent $$$ in time, fuel and gear to hook - but they usually lose their lure which can sometimes hook the shark leaving it with fishing gear, line, lure which can be very detrimental to the shark and other marine life. 

The Accountant LURE incorporates patented, licensed MANO LLC technology that creates a non-harmful magnetic field around the lure that can repel sharks. The magnetic field creates a strong negative signal that is picked up by the sharks ampullae of Lorenzini which are usually used to pick up and focus on bioelectrical signals in the water, like those given off by a struggling fish on a line.... 

This product will reduce the chance of lost catch to sharks as well as saving the environment and also the fishermen money by lowering the amount of fishing gear that gets lost to the ocean.



In order to verify the effectiveness of the Accountant prototypes, various types of MANO LLC shark repellant magnetic technology are incorporated into the lure prototypes. The main line running to the boat from a rod and Penn International reel with 60 lb high vis line on runs down a swivel that leads to a weighted 4 way splitter. On one side of the fish the Accountant is placed and on the other side a freshly caught fish tied with monofilament line, so no hooks will be lost. The fish and the accountant are set to swim equidistant from the splitter at a distance of approximately 6ft, and the splitter is set at around 45ft from the back of the boat. Recording the design and any interactions is a keel weighted Troll Pro fitted with a Go Pro 7 recording at 4K 60fps and trolled from the cleat of the boat with metal gangion cable at a distance of around 35ft facing towards the splitter. 

Timed trials trolling the prototypes through shark hotspots will be conducted with intervals at 30 minutes to check equipment. Unless a shark takes the fish or the accountant. 30 minute periods will either be baited (small pieces of bait thrown in to attract sharks to the area) or un-baited.


prototyope 1.1.jpg

In the Accountant 1.1 we utilized circular MANO LLC magnetic technology. Preliminary trials trolling a circular shaped magnet proved challenging as it exerted maximum drag, erratic movements as well as countersinking when reeling in, similar to the behavior seen with a planer. 

The prototype seen in the opposite images displays the modified prototype that had the circular magnetic technology enclosed in a marine epoxy mould that would allow the lure to swim through the water improving the aqua dynamics. 

The first trails resulted in the lure and the fish being dragged towards the surface at speeds over 2 knts and the Accountant becoming entangled with the fish....

During during un-baited trials sharks could be observed from the surface approaching, then being repelled by the Accountant. After 30 minutes we switched to baited trials and we observed the Accountant working until 5 sharks were visible around the lure. At which point one shark accelerated in and took the fish and the prototype. The shark violently reacted to taking the bait jumping clear out of the water.

The prototype was lost and the rest of the setup broken. Interactions were all observational from the boat as when the footage from the Troll pro was observed we learned that it had been covered by seaweed the shortly after deployment. Experimental design to be adapted and Prototype Accountant 1.1 status cancelled in favor of another design and different shaped MANO LLC magnetic technology.


accountant 2.1.jpg

The Accountant prototype Version 2.1 incorporates rectangular MANO LLC Magnetic Technology into a XXL Dredge swimmer mudflap. The Lead at the front aids in counter weighting and swimming forward. This leads to a foam shaper that helps smooth the curvature of the body of the Accountant before reaching the Magnetic Tech block. Behind this is another foam shaper that rounds the back end of the body where the mudflap joins in the center. 

Further down at the start of the tail is a baffle on both sides of the Accountant lure. These devices catch the water friction as the lure is trolled forward giving it the appearance that it is swimming by back and forth movements of the tail. 

The Skirt at the front end is optional and interchangeable, but is believed to create noise and movement that should attract sportsfish.

TRIAL 2 -  Accountant v 2.1

Trial 2.1

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 11.32.06

The trial was cut short after 6 minutes 10 seconds due to the Troll Pro appearing to be covered with sea weed. One Interaction with a large school of Cravalle Jacks was observed that were attracted to the Lure which did not appear to repel them. Crevalle Jacks are targeted by Sportsfishermen.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 11.27.02

Video Highlight of Interaction 2.1.1

Trial 2.2

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 11.52.35

During this trial bait was periodically deployed in the area, small thirds of sardines, in order to bring the sharks to the area that we were trolling through. Several interactions can be observed from the Troll Pro with reef sharks appearing to be repelled several times until ultimately one reef shark takes the fish and lure.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 1.52.55 PM.png

Video Highlight of Interaction 2.2.1

Interaction 2.2.1 clearly shows a Caribbean Reef Shark coming in fast at the lure and the fish before immediately being repelled by the Accountant. It should be noted that a second reef shark in the background can be observed indicating that the primary shark may have been coming in fast due to the competition in the area.

Video Highlight of Interaction 2.2.2

Interaction 2.2.2 begins shortly after interaction 2.2.1 and appears to be the second shark that can be seen in the distance. This shark comes in and cautiously approaches and follows the Accountant lure and fish for well over a minute. The shark could have easily taken the fish however may have been kept at bay due to the magnetic field. Towards the end of the interaction the Accountant lure and fish unfortunately move just off RHS frame with the shark following. Immediately afterwards you can observe the shark retreating back and reentering frame as if repelled by the Accountant lure. 

Video Highlight of Interaction 2.2.3

Interaction 2.2.3 shows a Barracuda coming into investigate and possibly come to predate on the fish or lure. A reef shark then comes in fast from behind the lure and immediately without investigation eats half the fish then comes back and takes the other half of the fish and the entire Accountant lure. It is interesting to note that this occurred when we had dropped the troll speed to 5 knts before a turn and the fish and Accountant lure was not swimming as erratically. The boldness of the shark may also be explained by the barracuda presenting competition. It also should be noted that this shark may have been one of the sharks that previously had been repelled and may have been desensitized to the Accountant Lure. Once the shark took the fish and the Accountant lure the shark spat out the lure and but the fish was lost. 

Expenditure on R and D 

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 5.15.36 PM.png
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